The Road to Discovery: A Splendr Story

Everyday Occasions
It was only a year ago that Terence Woo, Michael Yap and I sat down and decided that we needed to make everyday an occasion. It wasn’t that we had a brilliant solution to a common problem, but in our own lives, we lived for the experiences we shared with family and friends.

The idea that every day, people were going out with their friends, sharing a meal with their family and experiencing something new. From the realisation that there wasn’t a simple way to find new experiences in Singapore and Penang, to the countless discussions and hours upon hours of problem solving and finding solutions to a familiar question that we all ask: what do you want to do? We set out to do one thing: discover new experiences and share them with people that mattered.

Discovery Problem
Finding the hidden gems, the local favourites, the unique experiences in Singapore and Penang aren’t easy, we knew this. It’s how we knew we were onto something. But to go out and find and create the experiences ourselves was not only difficult, but near impossible. We realised we weren’t the knowledgeable locals, the ones that people turned to when seeking new experiences. Needless to say we set ourselves a very big challenge.

What we created was a new problem that needed a creative solution. Enter the Experience Creator. The answer to our question, rather obviously, was always a knowledgeable local who had the right connections and had experienced it before. Connecting with such a person however is never easy, and it relies on having a large personal network.

This is always the best way to find new experiences, by someone sharing their knowledge with you and pointing you in the right direction. This person is not your hotel concierge, not a stranger on the street that you ask for directions: this is someone who has a relationship with you and will give you a tailored answer to your question. What do you want to do?

Share the Experience
Here we are, January 2016, and we’ve now launched our open-beta version, 12 months after our first conversations about making everyday an occasion. We now have four co-founders, gaining the experience of our CEO Weibin Tay, and the technical wizardry of our CTO, each dedicated to making the destination of discover when you have a date lined up, a family gathering on the weekend, a night out with the boys planned, a day out with the kids, but you don’t know what to do.

Splendr is our way of sharing with you, our extended family and friends, the best experiences in Singapore and Penang. These experiences aren’t created by us but by people who do know what to do, where to go, and really care about sharing worthwhile experiences with you.

Start now, discover Singapore and Penang experiences like never before, shared by people who know what to do and where to go.

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