Penang: Josh Lee Fragrances Giveaway

Hey Big Splendr, have we got a treat for you!

Purchase a Splendr experience in Penang today and stand a chance to win an exclusive fragrance, as sponsored by renowned fragrance designer, Josh Lee Fragrances.

Born in Penang and trained at the prestigious ISIPCA institute in Versailles, Josh’s perfumes are inspired by the heritage, culture and nature of Malaysia. As a pioneer in the industry, Josh’s line of unique fragrances has since grown to become an internationally renowned brand.

His signature fragrance, George Town by Josh Lee, was conceived as a tribute to his hometown, right here in Penang. We had the pleasure of sampling this unique fragrance and we found it to be a beautiful blend, inspired by the best of Penang. From the romantic floral bouquet, to the woody notes of sandalwood, we found ourselves reliving the nostalgia of old-world Penang.

Josh Lee with his signature fragrance 'George Town'
Josh Lee with his signature fragrance ‘George Town’


“I learned about scents when I was very young. As my family ran a bakery, I grew up smelling cake ingredients. The whole shop would be full of the smell of baking,” says Josh Lee.

“I’m considered a niche perfumer. People may ask what’s the difference between my perfume as compared to big premium brands like CK, DKNY… these are big brands but they are mainstream. Some people prefer to go for niche perfumes, not everyone wears it so if they don’t want to be using the same perfume, they will go for niche perfumes.”

In addition to being Malaysia’s only internationally recognised premium brand of fragrances, Josh Lee Fragrances is also certified Halal by Jakim Malaysia.

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In celebrating all things Penang, we are giving away ten bottles of Josh’s exclusive fragrances to ten lucky winners. To enter this competition, simply purchase and redeem a Penang-based Splendr experience, from 1st of January to the 31st of March 2016. Should you be one of the lucky winners, your George Town by Josh Lee fragrance will be waiting for you at the experience.

Regular retail price RM118, and can be purchased through the online shop.


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