How to tackle your boss and get away with it

“I’ve played this game in my dreams!”, yelled Sam as he charges towards his target, with the singular objective of tackling the ball from his opponent. Whatever the cost. Even if it meannt using the big bubble ball wrapped around him as shield with which to shove opponents out of the way. Sam will not be denied.

The Splendr crew took to the field today to try our hand at Bubble Ball Soccer, which happens to be one of our most purchased experiences. The premise is simple: Teams of up to 10 people compete in a game of soccer, whilst encapsulated in a giant bubble ball that acts as armor. Hilarity then ensues (you get a workout while you’re at it!) and some have described the sport as being the bastard child of Soccer and Rugby! ‘Nuff said!

We started the game off in a disciplined manner, in pursuit of actual goals. The added weight of the bubble ball guaranteed that we burnt the calories we set out to, albeit in an awesomely fun way.

As expected, our “strategy” soon de-evolved into something more akin to, well, whatever the opposite of strategy is. Can you blame us though? How often do you get to tackle your boss and walk away laughing (Editors note: The Splendr team has a very flat hierarchy and highly encourages this sort of behaviour in the office!)

The final result? Well, team “Tech” beat team “Biz-nees” but we would like to think that we all walked away winners. And the score? Who knows (or cares!)

Sure we walked away with a couple of minor bumps but the memories last a lifetime. What more can you ask for than seeing one of your colleagues take a hit, fall flat and then bounce right up, only to be shoved out of bounds in the direction of the men’s toilet! Ah, nothing like a bit of manhandling to bring a team together.

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