Tarot & Numerology Reading


Weibin Tay Weibin Tay

$230.00 /pax

min. 1 - max. 10 pax

Need clarity about your career direction or life purpose? Is he or she the right person to be in a relationship with? Will I be rich and how can I increase my luck?

In this one-on-one consultation I will reveal your life lessons and obstacles, and give you clarity and guidance. Providing you with intuitive guidance on your career path to reach personal fulfilment, growth and success that enables you to make better informed decisions in your life.


  • Gain clarity and clear directions to help you make better informed decisions
  • Ease your mind and be more motivated and happier
  • Know your life purpose and what can you do
  • Improve relationships with family, loved ones and at work
  • Improve communication and minimize conflict at home, work and social.
  • Know your strengths, innate talents and potential

Package includes a personalised life path e-report. For one-to-one consultation only.

number of pax

Valid for 180 days


Brenda Tan is an author, intuitive coach and speaker. Because of her own unique gifts, she has enabled many people with clarity towards career directions, resolving relationship complexities and understanding their purpose in life, achieving their desired results in their lives. Brenda integrate ps...

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