Partner IFAD Investment Project: Meghalaya Livelihoods and Access to Markets Project (Megha-LAMP)

Goal: To improve household incomes and the quality of life in rural areas through enterprise facilitation centers in all of Meghalaya’s 39 subdistricts.  

Objective: To expand sustainable livelihood opportunities adapted to the hill environment and to the effects of climate change.

Approach: The facilitation centers will support around 47,400 enterprises over the project’s eight-year lifespan. A total of 54 clusters for development of natural resources, food security and marketable crops will be established in 18 of the subdistricts.

Local market in Meghalaya, India.

Target areas: Meghalaya with Enterprise Facilitation Centre in all 39 blocks

Target beneficiaries: 191,070 households in 1,350 village


  • Natural Resources and Food Security
  • Livelihoods Support with Sub-components on: (i) Enterprise development; (ii) Integrated production and marketing clusters; (iii) Livestock development; (iv) Marketing infrastructure; and (v) Rural finance
  • Knowledge Services
  • Project Management

Implementing agency: Meghalaya Basin Development Authority (MBDA)

Duration: 2014-2022

FoodSTART+ main collaborative activities


  • Scoping study;
  • Stakeholder validation workshop;
  • Value chain training and Farmer Business School (FBS) workshop;
  • Potato value chain study,
  • Piloting of gender checklist for action research;
  • Silage learning visit to Vietnam;
  • Participation in IFAD Country Office review for Megha-LAMP;
  • Participation in IFAD supervision mission to Megha-LAMP;
  • Training of Facilitators on FBS approach.


  • Cassava value chain study;
  • Research design for field and store evaluations of potato for ware and seed;
  • Piloting of FBS;

Preparation for cross-learning visit to Farmer Business Schools (FBS) in the Philippines.