Measuring progress


As we move towards our goals of scaling up adoption of these crops by farmers and consumers, we also need more refined tools to measure the impacts of our efforts to meet dietary diversity goals. In 2014, CGIAR researchers joined an international network of nutrition professionals to develop the first Global Nutrition Report, to help countries track progress in achieving the World Health Assembly global nutrition targets, related investments and their subsequent economic and health returns. Similarly, CGIAR participated in an international effort to reach consensus on a new ‘minimum dietary diversity’ indicator for women based on the percentage of women (15-49 years) consuming five or more food groups out of ten the previous day. This will inform our programmatic and policy actions to crucially improve diets of women.

In Africa, CGIAR collaborated with the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme, CAADP, on its new results framework, which includes an increased emphasis on improved nutrition. CGIAR Centers throughout the continent are also actively supporting efforts to strengthen national nutrition strategies and the Scaling up Nutrition (SUN) implementation plan.

Photo: Local market © CIAT/Manon Koningstein

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