Achieving nutrition security


As we strive to ensure a sufficient supply of food, increased attention has focused on ‘hidden’ hunger, caused by a lack of vitamins and minerals, rather than calories, in the diet. Nutrition is central in the global development agenda, and more country leaders and investors are supporting efforts to improve nutrition. While global commitments to prioritize and ultimately eliminate malnutrition have soared, such commitment must be translated into successful action. CGIAR identifies cross-sectoral solutions by using agriculture to combat malnutrition through nutrition-sensitive interventions, and provides support to countries in developing nutrition and health policies.

In this year’s special feature we highlight how CGIAR is rising to the challenge of not only producing enough food, but also safer, more nutritious, and diverse foods that can be integrated into the diets of the poor, and scaled up to reach millions of people.

Photo: © WorldFish/Duckrabbit/Felix Clay

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