The ‘Building a Sustainable, Integrated Seed System for Cassava in Nigeria’ (BASICS) project is comprised of four components:

Breeder's Seed

The Breeder’s Seed component of the BASICS project is concerned with the three classes of cassava seeds—breeder, foundation, and commercial. Read more.

Processor Led Model

In the Processor Led Model component of the BASICS project, the emphasis is on establishing an innovative and viable commercial stem business model in Nigeria that serves high-quality cassava value chains anchored by industrial processors. Read more.

Quality Seed

The Quality Seed component of the BASICS project is being implemented by a consortium of Nigerian and international partners, led by the UK’s Food and Environment Research Agency. Read more.

Village Seed Entrepreneurs

Village seed entrepreneurs (VSEs) is a network of geographically distributed community based seed entrepreneurs who will produce and sell certified stems of market preferred improved varieties. This component will be led by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Benue State.
Read more.