Bangladesh. Photo: Felix Clay-Duckrabbit/WorldFish



Third Global Conference on Agriculture for Development

In 2016, International representatives from key sectors in agri-food research and innovation pledged to ‘leave no one behind’, committing to create more opportunities for rural women and youth, equip tomorrow’s farmers and researchers with the skills they need, and push for more increased investment, so that rural communities can grow and flourish. These were just some of the commitments made at the Global Event of the Third Global Conference on Agriculture for Development (GCARD3), jointly organized by the Global Forum on Agricultural Research and CGIAR in Johannesburg, South Africa, and hosted by the South Africa Agricultural Research Council.

“If we are to get research out of the labs and into the hands of resource poor farmers, it is going to require a concerted approach across different sectors, and targeted investment in national agricultural systems.”

Mark Holderness
Executive Secretary of GFAR and Co-Chair of GCARD 3